Dealer set-up helper(s)?

My usual helpers aren't able to be at the con for most of the weekend (family reunion time) so I'd be willing to buy a membership for someone who can help me with set=up on THursday afternoon/evening and/or Friday morning. You'd need to be able to lift book-boxes and alphabetize books on the shelves... Contact me via e-mail (amy_c at efn dot org) for more details!
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LosCon room-share???

Aargh, last-minute I know... but... Does anyone need a roomie for LosCon next weekend? I usually get a room and share with Kate & Barney Evans (my Dealers' Room helpers) but they've got a family reunion and won't even be at the con 'til Sunday. :-(

I'm fine with floor=space (can bring a sleeping bag & folding cot if necessary). I just don't want to be paying for a whole room by myself...
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watership up


Copied from an email I sent to Registration, but I daresay they're swamped.

Last year I won a Guest membership in the blood drive raffle, and also bought a membership for my Faithful European Companion, Valerie Shoemaker. Unfortunately we have run out of money and can afford neither hotel nor travel.

Can we roll over our Conmemberships to next year?

I will be better qualified as a Guest in any case, as the novel* I wrote with Larry Niven will be out in June.

Matthew Joseph Harrington

*PS - The Goliath Stone, Tor Books: nanotechnology used to deflect a Dinosaur Killer into Earth orbit, and mundane panic therefor. Larry's title was Tiny Disasters; mine was Small Wonder. I have been told that a publisher would have retitled the Old and New Testaments, War God of the Hebrews and The Thing With Three Souls. I believe this without reservation. MJH
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Loscon 38 hotel stories?


Anyone who has a complaint about how the hotel behaved during Loscon 38, please e-mail Christian McGuire with your story. This especially includes any complaints about parking, even if you've decided it's not worth pursuing. The more accounts of hotel malfeasance we can collect, the easier it will be to convince the hotel there's a real problem.
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Loscon 38 programming

Mushroom Clouds and Mushroom Men: Peter Brothers, author of a book by that title on the life and films of Japanese director Ishiro Honda, will be giving a multi-media presentation about Honda and his films.
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In Space, No One Can Hear You Laugh

This year at LosCon: "In Space No One Can Hear You Laugh." On Friday night Richard Mueller, host of Hallenbeck's Open Mic Tuesday, will host a stand-up extravaganza of professional comics who speak both geek and nerd. Brett Gilbert will M.C. and rock many of your worlds, along with Dave Relyea, Chris Bonno, Nahreen Tarzi, singer-songwriter Andy Allen, and Dave Lease. Be there if you dare!
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War of the Worlds: Goliath

War of the Worlds: Goliath—an early look at footage and information from a spring 2012 release, an animated sequel to the Wells classic novel, with some interesting twists. Oh yes, and it’s being produced by an old LASFS member… Broken Spirits—this fantasy film uses actors we normally never see…they are best known as voice actors from the English translations of anime, including Richard Epcar and Cristina Vee. In this presentation, we will see footage at different stages of production, and hear from some of the cast and crew of the film.interesting twists. Oh yes, and it’s being produced by an old LASFS member…