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Menace 3689

24 April 2008
By Matthew B. Tepper, Scribe

President Marcia Minsky was in no mood to waste time, and rapped the Spoon of Perseverance to call us to order at 2011. There were no Special Orders of Business this week. Hare Hobbs asked, "Have they stopped dying?" CL replied, "no, they stopped telling me." Previous week’s Menace were subsequently read and approved (without corrections, again!) as "Roman Totenberg, where are you?"

This week was the time to honor Patron Saint Bill Warren. Sandy Cohen said he would be having brunch with him on Saturday, indicating that he’s still alive and kicking. Billybond is still doing film reviews for Audio Revolution Online (and wife Beverly has retired). He has been a film reviewer for decades, and produced the seminal book on the topic, Keep Watching the Skies! After Bill Rotsler died, Billybond compiled several issues of Masque for him posthumously, with monies received going to SCIFI to fund the Bill Rotsler Award, and is still giving out Rotsler illos to faneds upon request. Marty Cantor said that Bill had been Lord High Janitor at our previous building back around 1975. Bill used to contribute to Apa L, but has since gotten away from the fannish things as a lot of other people have, but none of this has detracted from his career. CL said Bill has been working on the 2nd edition of Keep Watching, revising it heavily because he has been able to see lots of movies previously unviewed before the days of VHS and DVDs. In fact, FWEMS’ Summer Festival will be a tribute to the book. Scott Beckstead said that he ran a BBS ‘way back in the late 80s called "Paradise Alley," and Bill was one of his frequent users. "He always had something to say," added Scott, "Always." We awarded St. Bill Warren three cheers "and a Hawaiian shirt with Gorts on it."

Registrar Michelle Pincus had joyous news: We had a guest! He was David Parker, an animé lover, and "geekdom is what encouraged him to visit us." He likes science fiction and fantasy, is a gamer and a media fan, and his occupation is that of city clerk.

Marcia read a report from Treasurer Elayne Pelz to the effect that we have $93,649.20 all told, but let’s not spend it right now. Perhaps there’s a ceiling on our spending?

For the Moment of Science, Michelle returned and read an excerpt from an article actually written by Karen. Ken Fraser, editor of Skeptical Inquirer, had written asking Poul for an article about the late Sir Arthur C. Clarke. Karen wrote back tactfully informing him, "Poul is dead." "Well, that explains why I haven’t heard from him."

Committee Reports: Milt Stevens said the latest De Profundis was still available from the box on the Treasurer’s desk. Pick it up this week if you haven’t already done so.

Librarian Vanessa Van Wagner showed off a few newly-acquired books, including Lynd Ward’s God’s Man. (Your humble Scribe waxed enthusiastic about this wonderful "novel in woodcuts," having learned about it from, of all people, Fritz Leiber’s first wife Jonquil.)

Charles Lee Jackson, the Second said that this weekend’s FWEMS would consist of a Salute to Boris Karloff. He had a lineup of titles, which sounded really interesting. Showings begin 2:00 p.m.

Committee to Gouge Money out of the LASFS: An auction that was very short was performed by Cathy Beckstead, who was very enthusiastic. We moved the three parking spaces (a nice trick in itself), two of which went to Bill Ellern for $30 each and the third to President Marcia Minsky for $25; and the selection of May’s Soda of the Month went to David Parker, who paid $15 for the privilege of selecting Propel, the sports drink.

We had no Old nor New Business. My, how unusual!

Announcements: CL had written on the whiteboard a URL relating to this weekend’s Corflu, thanks to the tech skills of Bill Mills. Bill Mills’ tech skills? How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if the woodchuck were Chuck Crayne? Whatever. Anyway, at the time of the meeting the feed was said to be running a slideshow from past cons of that series, but it was scheduled to "go live" over the weekend and display events as they took place. Whiskey asked for an explanation of Corflu, and CL described the substance as once used by faneds, its name now adopted for what is essentially a fanzine fan’s convention. Joe Zeff heard from Marty Cantor that a guest of honor is selected at random from among the attendees.

Don Wenner said that Tom Safer was planning a program, planned for the 5th Saturday consisting of one movie, the title of which will not be mentioned by request of the Board.

Faanish Committee Reports: None. Mark the day. It may not happen again in our lifetimes. Well, not in yours, maybe; your humble Scribe is descended from Howards and Vincoeurs.

Reviews: CL had enjoyed revisiting the 1961 TV series "Diver Dan," with marionette fishes as characters, originally shown as part of "Sheriff John’s Lunch Brigade"; it had a strong storyline, and included Suzanne Turner as Miranda the Mermaid. Vol. 1 cost him 99¢, so he would be delighted to find more at that price.

Miscellaneous: Karl Lembke had a work story, which gets kind of interesting when you’re a water quality tester for the DWP. It seems that there was bromine contamination, and so while reservoirs were emptied, somebody had the bright idea that it also might be a good time to clean out the gunk, a task which went much faster than originally expected. "If the Harbor Freeway winds up being washed up into the L.A. River," quoth Qarl, "you’ll know what happened." Don Wenner reported on a presentation by the local Neighborhood Watch, which claimed that the area is the safest it’s been in forty years. Milt said this was always a fairly fortunate zone due to the proximity of other police stations. David Okamura said scientists have indeed determined that mammoths and mastodons were closely related to modern-day elephants. Imagine that! Also, it is speculated that T. Rex tasted like chicken. Your humble Scribe prefers the wings, please. One of them ought to last a few days. CL had another silly scientific discovery, namely the odd fact that microbats and megabats are not related to each other at all, but actually developed separately on different continents. Mary Ann Canfield wanted to know: "Which ones live in the belfry?" CL replied: "Not the fruitbats."

Marcia had seen neither hide nor hair of Heide (even though Hare was sitting in the front row), so the planned rescheduled program item won’t be happening after all. She then added an announcement of the Loscon 35 committee meeting come Saturday morning at 11:00, right here at Clubhouse. CL "moved to disembowel," which idea was not well received by the crowd, which largely went "ugh." Karl moved to table that motion until after we adjourned, and then moved to adjourn, so we did so, at 2101.
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