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Copied from an email I sent to Registration, but I daresay they're swamped.

Last year I won a Guest membership in the blood drive raffle, and also bought a membership for my Faithful European Companion, Valerie Shoemaker. Unfortunately we have run out of money and can afford neither hotel nor travel.

Can we roll over our Conmemberships to next year?

I will be better qualified as a Guest in any case, as the novel* I wrote with Larry Niven will be out in June.

Matthew Joseph Harrington

*PS - The Goliath Stone, Tor Books: nanotechnology used to deflect a Dinosaur Killer into Earth orbit, and mundane panic therefor. Larry's title was Tiny Disasters; mine was Small Wonder. I have been told that a publisher would have retitled the Old and New Testaments, War God of the Hebrews and The Thing With Three Souls. I believe this without reservation. MJH
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Your comment would be more understandable if you said whichconvention you're referring to.
You might mean the LASFS's own convention of Loscon (Thanksgiving weekend) down by LAX.
Or you might mean some other convention.

WAR GOD OF ISRAEL and THE THING WITH THREE SOULS was Norman Spiknrad's idea (back in the mid-1960s) for how the Old & New Testaments would be printed as an Ace Double. Norman was kind enough to let me print this in my fanzine, The Third Foundation, along with full blurbs he'd written.

--Lee Gold
Oh. Durr.
Loscon 39.

--I am, as ever, fascinated and delighted with the interconnections of the people I encounter. Norman Spinrad was (among many other things) the guy who suggested Down In Flames to Larry, as you doubtless know. I mention this because I was the one who suggested to Jane Lindskold that she should write for the Man-Kzin Wars series. She was reluctant at the time. Her story came out this year in volume 13. It's every bit as good as I thought it would be.

SF is a small town.

Populated entirely by sparks.

Soon we shall show them all.