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Loscon 38 -- Where's my flying car?

Loscon 38
November 25-27 2011 at the LAX Marriott
6161 W Century Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90045
Get Directions
Phone 818-399-9097

Writer GoH:John DeChancie
Science GoH:Rick Searfoss, Colonel, USAF Retired.
Artist GoH:Aldo Spadoni
Fan GoH:John Hertz

The primary activity at LOSCON (and most science fiction conventions) is panel programming. Throughout each day of the convention there are a series of tracks of programming where you can go and listen to (or even participate in) the discussion of particular subjects. Examples of the types of panel programming that will be available at this LOSCON can be viewed on the Panels page. Other tracks of programming during the day involve an anime room (showing anime all day long) and a gaming room. Also at LOSCON will be a large dealer's room with all types of science fiction related merchandise and an art show with a large variety of science fiction artistic expression (both professional and fannish) available for purchase. In the evening, there can be a masquerade of science fiction costuming, an ice cream social, dances, parties and other types of events. This is just a small peek at all the things happening at any LOSCON.

Building Memorial Info

The following was presented to the BOD at Sunday's mtg. I am inviting editing, mucking about, Picture suggestions, etc. But all input needs to be sent to me by Wed. Oct. 5th. These will be put up in the south section of the clubhouse on the bulletin boards (I think frames and hung up is classier but I am not on the board and Elayne is):

Paul Turner Building
The idea of a clubhouse for LASFS originated with Paul Turner. Paul was active in LASFS, served in the leadership as Treasurer and Director, and won the Evans-Freehafer award for service to the LASFS. He notably created the Building Fund. The quest to secure a permanent meeting place –our own LASFS clubhouse--was then taken up by Bruce Pelz, who initially opposed it, and many other members. The club acquired the first LASFS clubhouse at 11360 Ventura Bld. The membership of LASFS at the time voted to name the building after Paul. When the club moved to the 11513 Burbank Blvd. address, the back building that housed Freehafer hall, was again named the Paul Turner building, this time by the Board of Directors, in honor of the LASFS member who had the vision of securing a permanent meeting place for the club for years to come. With the next move to the “new” clubhouse at 6012 Tyrone in Van Nuys, the Board of Directors affirmed that the southern section is named the Paul Turner Building.
Freehafer Hall
The actual meeting hall of the LASFS meeting (wherever it may be) is named Freehafer Hall in honor of Paul Freehafer, who was a member in the 1940’s. Sadly, Paul was the first club member to die. He was a Caltech student, Director of the club, a publishing fan, and one who found himself not merely tolerated but welcomed among both the LASFS regulars and the splinter groups of that day. Rather than allowing the opposing groups to break up LASFS, Paul sought to unify the club. As a result, we still have a club today. He suffered from a rheumatic heart, and although he knew that his life would be short, he never let it affect his cheer. In 1942 he resigned his Directorship, moved to Idaho, and never returned. He was dead in his early twenties. Sadly, he was not the last member to pass on, but because of his efforts, we are still unified. And we have the motto of LASFS membership: “Death Will Not Release You.”
The Null Space
Merlin Robert “Bob” Null was a beloved, hard-working member of LASFS for over thirty years. Bob was renown for his tireless hours of service to the club, and was a three-time Evans-Freehafer Award winner (1981,1992, &2003). He served numerous terms on the Board of Directors, and as club President 20 times! Bob was instrumental in the establishment of the computer room at LASFS, caretaker of archives, key master, and was the logistics genius behind many a Gallifrey One and Loscon. Bob also had a quirky sense of humor. He was the officially titled Minister of Silly Gavels. He would chime in with puns, and would wear his copter beanie or soda-fairy wings proudly. The outside gathering/socializing space of the LASFS clubhouse was unanimously named the NULL SPACE by the membership of LASFS in honor of Bob Null.
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Moving the LASFS Headquarters -- work party

We are having a work party for the purpose of packing stuff up for the move to the new building.
Date: June 5, 2011 (Sunday)
Time: Noon
Place: LASFS clubhouse, 11513 Burbank Blvd.

This is the first work party preparing for the move. The more, the merrier. We'll find stuff to pack for as many people as show up.
There will be munchies and stuff to drink (iced tea and lemonade at the very least), probably pizza later in the day.
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(no subject)

The April 21 meeting has come and gone. We presented photos of the new building, and had a fairly lengthy question and answer session. It was moved, seconded, and voted that the Board handle the issue of the new building as it sees fit. In other words, go ahead and buy it, provided the inspector doesn't find any deal breakers on his inspection.

There will be a 45 day escrow, starting April 21. So on June 6, a Monday, we should be able to take possession and start moving stuff into it. We will have a tour for the members of the club shortly thereafter.

And with enough room to restore the socializing space outside the meeting room, we may even attract back the old members tired of the same old goings-on in meetings.

Photos of Proposed LASFS New Building

Marty Cantor provided three photos of the exterior of the proposed building.  Karl Lembke also provided a link to his photos of the builing.

LASFS Webmaster Barry Gold put these on the website.  Go to the Calendar item for April 21st or go to
There are links there to Marty's and Karl's photos.

--Lee Gold, webstaffer
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Special Meeting at LASFS

Dear LASFS Members,

This Thursday, April 21, 2011, during the regular club meeting we will be discussing the property that the Board of Directors viewed this last weekend. There will be pictures of the property, a presentation, and a Q & A with the BoD during New Business.

The LASFS board believes this property will be a good match for the club. Please consider showing up and being a part of the dialog.

If we can put in a successfull bid the club could be moved in 60 days.

Your participation is appreciated, so come on by,

Thank you,

LASFS Board of Directors

Pictures can be found at this website: